Whatever it Takes? How to Move Ahead in Post-Crisis Europe | Conversations for the Future of Europe 2020 | #2

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A series of online events tackling major EU challenges taking place from February to June 2020

Wednesday 13 May 2020 | 13:00 – 14:30 (CET) | via ZOOM

Covid-19 has demonstrated that economic governance reform in the EMU remains more urgent than ever. In the Eurozone sovereign crisis, the severe asymmetric shock that hit the euro area revealed important gaps in the institutional architecture. As a response, a number of specific policy initiatives were adopted; yet crucial elements of the reform package were never completed. Based on the book ‘Whatever It Takes – the Battle for Post-Crisis Europe’, George Papaconstantinou will examine the politics and economics in the process of economic governance reform to date, and outline a policy proposal for a common EU fiscal response to help economic recovery post-Covid. This involves bond issuance by the EU itself, based on current as well as on new own EU resources such as a tax on digital content and a carbon tax.


Prof. Dr. George Papaconstantinou | School of Transnational Governance, EUI


Prof. Adrienne Héritier | RSCAS and SPS, EUI

Raffaele Fargnoli | European Commission


Dr. Lorenzo Cicchi | European Governance and Politics Programme, RSCAS, EUI


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Conversations for the Future of Europe – 2020: To guide the steps of the European Union and to mobilise its citizens so as to make policy change possible, it is not sufficient to analyse the past and criticise the present. It is necessary to develop concrete proposals for a better future and to subject them to critical multidisciplinary discussion. The aim of the Conversations is to facilitate this debate and inspire far-sighted, creative ideas for concrete and politically feasible projects which may guide the future development of the Union. A concern for political applicability, however, is compatible with creativity and boldness. Indeed, it may require it.

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