Solidarity: Its Nature and Value

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EUSOL hosted its first international workshop in Florence 16-17 May 2019. In order to lay the theoretical groundwork for subsequent research on European Solidarity, the topic of this philosophically-minded conference was “Solidarity: Its Nature and Value.” We were most fortunate to be able to welcome some of the foremost scholars that have contributed to the recent revival of serious theoretical reflection on this topic. Some of the questions discussed related predominantly to the conceptual nature of solidarity (Is solidarity a kind of attitude or a form of action? What features must a social group have for people to be in solidarity?), often connecting our present understanding of this concept to its historical origins and appearances in political struggles. Other presenters inquired primarily into when and why solidarity is valuable amongst members of social groups. Finally, a number of presentations connected theoretical work on solidarity with questions in non-ideal political philosophy, for example the question about intersectionality amongst disadvantaged groups or the relationship between solidaristic struggles against injustice and the permissibility of violence.


List of Speakers and Talks:

  • Rainer Forst (Goethe University, Frankfurt), Contexts of Solidarity
  • Carol C. Gould (CUNY), Rethinking Solidarity Through the Lens of Critical Social Ontology
  • Margaret Kohn (University of Toronto), Solidarity: The Link Between Facts and Norms
  • Avery Kolers (University of Louisville), Violence in Solidarity
  • Lukas Kübler (IASS Potsdam), Solidarity, Trust and Cooperation
  • Véronique Munoz-Dardé (UCL), The Cost of Belonging: Universalism vs The Political Ideal of Solidarity
  • Andrea Sangiovanni (EUI), Solidarity and Its Value
  • Tommie Shelby (Harvard University), A Tale of Two Tenths: Race, Class, and Solidarity
  • Juri Viehoff (EUI/University of Manchester), Solidarity: A Functionalist Explanation
  • Lea Ypi (LSE), Solidarity, Immigration and Social Class

Left to right: Lea Ypi (LSE), Avery Kolers (University of Louisville), Véronique Munoz-Dardé (UCL), Juri Viehoff (EUI/University of Manchester), Carol C. Gould (CUNY), Tommie Shelby (Harvard University), Margaret Kohn (University of Toronto), Andrea Sangiovanni (EUI), Lukas Kübler (IASS Potsdam)


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